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Percussion Ensemble 

The Percussion Studies class is for all percussionists and it is required of members of the Drumline. Students are assessed in the areas of staff note reading/recognition; ear training; posture; rhythmic accuracy; technique; phrasing; dynamics; articulation/sticking; class progress/attitude; preparedness. Assessments may take place during a rehearsal or in the company of the teacher. Students in the Percussion Studies class perform a wide range of musical works, written especially for percussion ensemble, while at the same time working on the music from the band to which each student is assigned.  Students are expected to practice a minimum of 30 minutes daily, or the length of time necessary to be technically proficient on the excerpt requested for the following rehearsal. 

Students are encourage in all band classes to have their music, equipment (sticks/mallets, etc.) and pencils in addition to other necessities (reeds, mutes, oil, etc.) every day.  Students are expected to keep instruments or sticks/mallets and equipment in excellent playing condition. Students are required to be in attendance at all performances in which they are scheduled to perform.

Percussion Music and Warm Up's

Front Ensemble Packet


Front Ensemble Warm Ups 

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