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ALUMNI Wolverines 

The La Vergne High School Wolverine Band is a program of tradition, and with that tradition comes countless alumni who have been a part of the band’s major milestones throughout the years. Individuals who have participated in the band program can lay claim to experiences such as concert performance assessments, marching band competitions, parades, concerts, Murfreesboro Jazz Fest, and countless band trips.

Among other things, alumni of the La Vergne Band can be recognized for their pride and their dedication. In addition to supporting the football team, and basketball team, the band entertains the home/away crowd every season. As a result, alumni of the LaVergne Band are credited with the ability to learn quickly and work hard, and are known to epitomize what Wolverine Pride truly means.

La Vergne Band Survey 

We love our alumni! The purpose of this database is to connect, grow, and engage with fellow La Vergne Band members. *This database will not be used for soliciting personal use or release to third party.  Please complete the Alumni Survey below so we can stay in touch!

Past Marching Band Show Themes 

1988 Beach Boys  

1989 Space Show ?

1990 Armed Forces 

1991 Andrew Lloyd Webber

1992 Disney Animated

        Motion Picture Classics

1993 Space Show

1994 An Adventure Show

1995 Les Miserables

1996 A Night on Broadway

1997 New World Symphony 

1998  West Side Story 

1999 ?

2000 Les Miserables 

2001 A Celtic Celebration

2002 A Night on Broadway

2003 Music by Pat Matheny

2004 Pirates of the Caribbean

2005 Edward Meets World 

2006 The Nightmare Before  


2007 Wicked

2008 The Planets 

2009 Kyoudia I

2010 Kyoudia II

2011 Luctatio Aeterna

2012 Invincible

2013 Signs

2014 Layers  

2015 Gravity  

2016 Perchance to Dream  

2017 Phobias  

2018 The Sounds of Wonder 

2019 Dance Again 

2020 The Boy Bands Are Back!

2021 Machines

2022 Masks!

2023 Beyond Our

Understanding: Paranormal 

2024 Aqua




Pass Winter Guard Show Themes 

1997:  School House Rock 

1998: 5 O' Clock World or Dog and Butterfly 

1999: Everybody's Talkin'

2000: Diamonds are Forever 

Alumni Band

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