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Jazz Band is a prerequisite that all students enrolled in Jazz Band must be in a traditional concert band or percussion ensemble. Jazz Band offers students the opportunity to learn and develop at various stages, promotes the enjoyment and appreciation of jazz music through performance and rehearsal of high-quality jazz literature to include a variety of styles ranging from traditional Big Band, Swing, Blues, Latin, Rock, Fusion, and certain Pop repertoire.

Rehearsal —Rehearsals are scheduled for after school. Students will receive an activities calendar on the first day of school.  All known performances for the year are on this calendar. It is the responsibility of the student to communicate schedule conflicts to the director.  If a student has a part-time job, request these dates off of work.  Work is not an excused absence.  Absences will be evaluated on an individual basis. Every effort will be made to accommodate individual and family needs. Rehearsal and performance schedules will be distributed in advance.

Performance - There are approximately three major concerts for the year (Winter Jazz Concert, Spring Jazz Concert and Main Street Jazz Festival). Concerts are a culmination of after school rehearsals.  Concerts are a unique musical experience, the value of which cannot be duplicated.  It is essential that ALL students be present for each performance, as it is a "team" effort, and the absence of ANY student reduces the educational and enjoyment value for all.

Wolverine Jazz Band 

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