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Private Lessons 

Excellence is a product of hard work and a strong foundation of fundamentals.  The La Vergne Band Program is pleased to announce an in-school and after school private lesson program for all instrumental students.

Studying with a private tutor is the best way to become a stronger player.  With 40+ students in each class, students get an average of less than one minute of individual attention each class period!  A 30-minute lesson each week gives students the individual attention needed to achieve the next level of playing, not to mention extra-credit and greater opportunities in music including all-county and all-state preparation, solo & ensemble help, and advanced techniques. Private lessons equip students with the skills necessary to get the most out of the music; playing becomes much more gratifying and enjoyable when a rich aesthetic experience is the result!

Great musicianship and ensemble training are the key components of band.  As always, the objective of this year’s program is geared towards raising our student’s level of excellence. The opportunity to develop better technique and music reading skills are magnified by the growth and maturity of age.  This is a critical time for all students to take advantage of this program

Parents and students are encouraged to read and sign the registration form. Parents can enroll online by simply clicking HERE. 

Once we receive your registration, we will coordinate your child’s lesson we will email to confirm their session times and your payment options.

Thank you for your continuing support of the La Vergne High School Band Program.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email us.  We are happy to talk with you.


Lessons payment policy:

1. All Private Lessons are to be paid for in monthly installments. Private Lessons instructors will communicate with the student how many lessons will be scheduled each month and the amount for each lesson. Each Private Lessons payment will need to cover all lessons that will be taken in any given month. All payments (checks or money orders only) will be made to LaVergne High School and should be placed in a sealed envelope with the student’s name and “Private Lessons” and placed in the silver payment box located on the band office door.

2. All Private Lessons payments must be made a month in advance. For example: Private Lessons that will be taken in September need to be paid for in August. This excludes the first month of Private Lessons given which should be paid by the first lesson given. 

3. Students will be given a payment deadline by the Band Directors. This will be communicated in class and posted on the band app.

4. Any student who has not paid by the assigned due date will not be permitted to take Private Lessons until payments are received.

5. Any lessons that need to be made up due to unexpected schedule changes, illness, etc. will be scheduled with the Private Lessons instructor. Students will be responsible for paying for lessons due to an unexcused absence (i.e. “I forgot I had a lesson”, dean//administrative referral, ISS, etc.) Please make every effort to communicate with your Private Lessons instructor ahead of time when you will miss your lesson.


Frequently Asked Questions

So, what are private lessons?

 Private lessons are instructional opportunities for students to study with a person who is a specialist on the student’s instrument. These are typically done in a one-on-one setting where the instructor can work with the student on either student areas of need, or in a small group setting of like instruments.

Why are private lessons important?

Private lessons are important for two reasons. First, if your child is experiencing success and feels the pace of the class is too slow, he or she can move onto more advanced topics and techniques in a private lesson setting. This will help keep them motivated and learning. Secondly, for the student who is lagging behind, private lessons can provide the one-on-one time that may be needed to help achieve success.

Who gives private lessons?

The La Vergne High School Band program has arranged for several professional tutors to work with students in the surrounding area. La Vergne Band has found terrific private teachers for you!  Each of the teachers listed on our “Approved Non Faculty Private Lessons Teacher List” has been screened by the Rutherford County Central Office.  These teachers are outstanding musicians who work extremely well with students. 

When are private lessons typically given?

 Private lessons are usually given during the school day or after school, depending on the schedule of your private lesson instructor. That would be something you and the instructor would have to work out.

How much are private lessons?

From a college student or professional instructor, you can expect to pay from $20-40 per weekly half-hour lesson on an individual basic.

Why should I REALLY do this?

 In addition to the reasons outlined earlier, one big reason is to keep your child on par with the top students throughout our state. Eventually, your child will be competing with these students for honor band placements, state recognition, and maybe even college scholarships on their instruments. Students who take private lessons generally make more honor bands, have higher seats in those bands, and have the opportunity for more scholarship money in college. The investment you make right now in private lessons could pay huge dividends down the road.

My student is in band and technique class.  Isn’t that enough?
Band class and technique class will absolutely give your student a great musical foundation. These are irreplaceable experiences that will build their musical skills, understanding, and appreciation. Private lessons are a completely different experience from band and technique class; they provide the opportunity for your student to work individually with a professional. The progress made by students is astounding when private lessons are added to the school band and technique classes they currently take.

My student doesn’t practice very much now, so why would I spend money on private lessons?
We have found that students who sign up for private lessons typically want to practice more. Through private lessons, students tend to become more invested in their own music education and develop an even deeper interest in music. The money is a great investment in their education!

When? Where? How can lessons fit into my student’s busy schedule?
Many of our approved private teachers teach lessons during the school day and after school at La Vergne High School. Students at the high school level have the option of taking lessons during half of their lunch/option period or can be pulled out of band class to accommodate their busy schedule.

What do students gain from taking private lessons?

  • Inspiration and motivation by enriching their musical experience

  • Individual instruction tailored specifically to their needs

  • Hearing a professional play and talk about their instrument on a regular basis

  • Gaining a stronger understanding of the technical aspects of their instrument

  • Working on exciting solo repertoire

  • Learning how to practice more efficiently and effectively

       Troubleshooting any specific problems or challenges

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