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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I join the La Vergne Band Program? 

A: In addition to being an ambassador for La Vergne High School and supporting LaVergne High School athletics, the reason to be in the marching band is to be a part of something big!


Q: Do you have to audition to be in the marching band?

A: No, anyone with a previous music background is welcome to be part of The Wolverine Marching Band, however, the Drumline, and Color Guard do require an audition for placement. 

Q: When does the marching band rehearse?

A: The marching band rehearses Monday afternoon 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM, Tuesday afternoon from 5PM to 6PM and Thursday afternoon from 5 PM - 8 PM. The band also rehearses on football game days. Game Day dress rehearsals generally take place two hours before the game; however, Game Day schedules are subject to change. 


Q: What style of marching technique do you use?

A: The band’s default marching technique is a corps style, and bent-leg technique. All necessary fundamentals are taught during band camp.


Q: Will the marching band travel to perform at football games?

A: We perform at all home and away football games


Q: Will I march with a school-owned instrument, or do I need to provide my own?

A: Students are encouraged to march with their instrument; however, students can complete a school rental form if they don’t have an instrument. 


Q: What will we get accomplished during Band Camp?

A: Potential members will learn playing and marching fundamentals essential to the La Vergne Band halftime performance styles. Before the camp ends, the band will learn the entire first movement of the halftime show. Also, traditional school songs and new arrangements will be learned for performance in the stands at football games and other events. Theirs a Family and Friends performance at the end of band camp. 

Q: How do I sign up for the La Vergne Band?

A: First, fill out the 2024-2025 Registration Form, so that we can enter your information into our database.  You will begin to receive information about membership, and information about band camp over the Spring and Summer.


Q: How much is marching band dues? 

*Applies to all band and color guard students

A: 2024 Marching Band Fees (for all color guard, woodwind, brass, and percussion students) are crucial for our program to continue to function at the high level we have all come to expect. Fees pay for halftime show music, drill, band camp staff, seasonal staff, band shirts, shoes, away games, and band camp lunches. There may be special meals that have not been included, but most have. Below is a list of other required items. Most items can be reused from year to year as long as the students take care of their items.

  • $350.00 - Annual Marching Band Fees

  • $100.00 - Marching Band Track Suit  

  • $30.00   - Marching Shoes (ordered as a rookie)

  • $10.00   - T-shirts – blue band shirt (ordered as a rookie) 

  • $3.00     - Black Gloves (purchase as needed) 

  • $5.00     - Long Black Socks – can be purchased anywhere


*All band fees should be turned into Mr. Callahan the high school band director, and he will write you a receipt. We accept cash or checks. Please drop payments off at the band room instead of mailing them so that we can provide you with a receipt. 

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