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Why Join Band? 

I thought you'd never ask. 

  • Student musicians get higher SAT/ACT scores. And as you know, SAT/ACT scores help get students into college which helps you get good jobs. That's pretty important, right?


  • Playing music has been linked to making the brain grow. It sounds a little gross, but it's actually good. It means you can hold more information than the average-brain-sized student.


  • If you play an instrument, you might get better Math, Science and Language grades. And, say it with us, "better grades are good."


  • Music will always be a part of your life. Sure, if you don't practice regularly, you might get a bit rusty, but you'll always be able to play. 


  • You'll make great, life-lasting friends! After all, the La Vergne High School Band is a giant family.

Join a fantastic, group of peers that build positive, lifelong relationships and community

through music.

Participating in musical groups promotes self-confidence, teamwork, social skills, self-discipline, cooperation, responsibility, commitment and a sense of accomplishment

84% of Band students are also involved in other activities at school including athletics, sports, theatre, art, LHS« Student Council and JROTC.

Our school data shows that students in our band program perform better on EOC, ACT, ASVAB, and other standardized test by a statically significant amount compared to their peers that do not participate in band programs.

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