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Why Join Band? 

I thought you'd never ask. 

  • Student musicians get higher SAT/ACT scores. And as you know, SAT/ACT scores help get students into college which helps you get good jobs. That's pretty important, right?


  • Playing music has been linked to making the brain grow. It sounds a little gross, but it's actually good. It means you can hold more information than the average-brain-sized student.


  • If you play an instrument, you might get better Math, Science and Language grades. And, say it with us, "better grades are good."


  • Music will always be a part of your life. Sure, if you don't practice regularly, you might get a bit rusty, but you'll always be able to play. 


  • You'll make great, life-lasting friends! After all, the La Vergne High School Band is a giant family.

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