Band Booster Organization 

The Band Boosters is a support organization for current band members and others in the community who are interested in the welfare of the band. The purpose is to provide the financial and manpower support necessary for the band to participate in as many educational opportunities as possible. EVERYONE must get involved and help out. It has its constitution, guidelines and it's a separate entity from the band and the school. The Boosters general meets on the first Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PM in the band room. The band boosters do not set band policies or make business decisions without the consent of the band director and/or principal and superintendent.


All chaperones of the LHS Band are required to follow the policies and manual outlined in the County and Local guides.

Other Opportunities

There are many things that the LHS Band needs from you, the parents and band boosters. If there is some way in which you feel that you can serve the band, feel free to discuss this with the band director. *All ideas will be entertained, carefully thought out, and discussed with the principal. We want you involved in your child’s education and will find a way for you to help them succeed in that endeavor both in and out of the band. We thank you for your support because, without you, none of what we do would be possible.

Band Boosters operate the following committees:

  • Band Camp Workers  

  • Pit Crew  

  • Chaperones  

  • Truck Drivers  

  • Load/Unload Trucks

  • First Aid 

  • Water at Games

  • Uniform Crew 

  • Grant Writing

  • Publicity & Public Relations

​We are in need of chairpersons for several committees and parents who would like to get involved in building our program.  Please come out to a meeting and start getting involved!

Band Booster Officers: 



Vice President


Fundraising Coordinator